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 Applying for a job

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TuT Utopia Creator
TuT Utopia Creator

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PostSubject: Applying for a job   Sun Aug 03, 2008 11:21 pm

We currently need :
2 administrators -people in charge of the forum completely, how it looks new categories and forums ETC.
3-5 Moderators - People that look after the Forum, clean up threads, post new content, sticky important topics ETC.

How to apply for a job
Create a new topic with the following information answered in order, please state the question first then your answer below it in a different color!

Real Name:
E-gunz forum name:
In game name:
What position you are applying for:
Can you speak English fluently, and without grammatical error?:
Past Experience with forums:
personality traits:
do you have Photoshop?:
Can you use photoshop efficiently?:
Photoshop version?:
Why should we choose you over someone else?:
Anything else?:

FYI -- im fairly good at picking out people that are lying, id rather hire someone who has no experience thats telling the truth then someone who has lots of experience and skills but is a lyer, don't try and play me for a sucker =/

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Applying for a job
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