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 Introduction to Evil Gunz (possible edit wiki)

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PostSubject: Introduction to Evil Gunz (possible edit wiki)   Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:50 pm

Evil Gunz is a private server formed by a user "Joe9099" of their site, as linked: http://evilgamerz.net (date ??) You can find a list of the moderators and administrators that name themselves and work alongside Joe9099 on this page: Link
Evil Gunz, or 'EG' for short has, in my own personal experience as a player of many GunZ games in General, carried their Game and administrations in a very respectful and caring way. Their failure wouldn't be marked, as in any aspect they have failed somewhere, they shower tons more effort in other places. Evil Gunz currently has staff playing 'round the clock and staff working 'round the clock in their own times, as hired, it appears, to just do their jobs.

My judgment on the in-game characters - Brushed up, entirely more beneficial than official servers, especially those like "ijji gunz" and "International Gunz". Other private servers have had a chance to compare, but as I've said before, there are brushed up aspects in Evil GunZ that other GunZ's line-ups just don't have. Special maps like "BathRoom" are a brilliant add to this GunZ that not only shows that it's players demand more, but they are also as creative as their creators have been, about the entire idea in the first place.

This is Evil GunZ and TuT Utopia is a site for it's Community.

Enjoy the game..
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Evil Gunz Staff
Evil Gunz Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Introduction to Evil Gunz (possible edit wiki)   Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:48 am

I like it but needs updates for links etc
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Introduction to Evil Gunz (possible edit wiki)
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