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 The runthrough. (All tutorial writers read!)

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PostSubject: The runthrough. (All tutorial writers read!)   Sat Mar 22, 2008 5:20 am

Now, we understand and appreciate your right to post your tutorials, but we need want them to be perfected before they are posted, so we ask that you send your written tutorials to any of the administrators so we can read it over and give you suggestions how you can make it easier for the reader.

We look for these simple things in a good tutorial.

1. Easy for the reader to understand and perform.

2. Good punctuation, if you don't have a key to the shift, comma, or period then ask an administrator to do it. Grammar is important!

3. Direct links to your downloads, it is not fun to look through pages and pages to find a download.

Remember these three things when you send us your tutorials, and you will get a confirmation message in no time!
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The runthrough. (All tutorial writers read!)
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